Admissions Requirements

There are certain general admission requirements for all applicants and other requirements that are specific to your level and area of certification. 

 General admission requirements for all applicants are as follows:

1.  Bachelor's degree from an accredited university
Note:  Applicants who are currently completing degree requirements will not be admitted to (ACP) until degree is confirmed.  All applicants with degrees outside of the United States must have these degrees evaluated from an accredited evaluation service and admission to the alternative certification program will be determined by the results of the evaluation. You can obtain an approved list of accredited evaluators from our office or the university registrar (Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc., PO Box 514070, Milwaukee, WI. 53203-3470. Tel: 414-289-3400 or website: www.ece.org). If you have already completed this evaluation process, please submit your transcripts and evaluation to our Program Coordinator for further evaluation.

2.  GPA Requirement: 
GPA of 2.50 from all post secondary coursework from accredited institutions will be taken into consideration (i.e., community college and college/university)
Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 in all courses in the ACP at SWAU.

3. Prospective student is responsible for the following:
Completing application for admittance to the ACP (download application form from department website: ed.swau.edu

  • A statement of purpose – one page, typed essay describing reasons for desiring a profession in the teaching field
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals other than relatives. Preferably, these recommendations should come from work experience supervisors or former professors
  • Before acceptance to the program all students must submit to and pay for a criminal background check

4. Cost of Program:
Application: $75

A package price of $5,000.00 will be charged for this program.  A portion of this fee is designated as a training fee ($200.00 for exam preparation, $200.00 per credit, and $400.00 for the internship). Students will be responsible for purchasing their textbooks
Financial aid will be available to qualifying students

All fees related to TExES exam fees and SBEC certification fees are not included as part of the program costs – students pay for their probationary and standard certificates

5.  Length of Program:
        12 – 18 months

6.  To maintain Program status students must:

  • Give evidence of satisfactory professional growth
  • Show promising development during internship period
  • Demonstrate behaviors that are ethically and morally responsible
See current bulletin under the Education section for additional information regarding student teaching and recommendation to SBEC for certification.